Google X Semi-Permanent

We've partnered up with Google on a number of occasions to connect with our audience. They're a forward thinking & fast moving company, perfect for Semi-Permanent to collaborate with on fresh ideas.


Google Cube x Semi-Permanent Sydney 2014

Referenced as the must-see experience of the event, Cube was a huge, interactive installation launched and hosted in a large exhibition space at Carriageworks as part of our Sydney 2014 event.

A 4.5m wide projection of the interactive Cube dominated Track Eight’s 380 square metre space, adjacent to the main talks room and opposite Mr Brainwash’s first Australian exhibition. On the Cube, was a carefully wrapped six sided film that was precisely created in Los Angeles by award winning directors Steve Ayson and Damien Shatford.

The film is a redefining moment in digital story telling and narrative experiences. Following the story of six symbolic characters who tell the stories of life through ‘the quest’, ‘rags to riches’, ‘revival’ etc, the film is a choose-your-own adventure experience for the live audience at Semi-Permanent and later, online. To launch the technology and film, we hosted a private function before Semi-Permanent opened, for Australia’s top creatives.


Google Hangout with Roman Coppola & friends.

Using the Google+ Hangout technology, Semi-Permanent hosted an interactive speaker session with Roman Coppola at the 2012 Sydney event, attended by 2,300 people. The presentation included Roman Coppola & Jason Schwartzman amongst other guests that include Eleanor & Francis Ford Coppola, Duffy Culligan, Jack Raglin, Liam Hayes, Eric Bonerz & Sheena the Leopard.


+20 Workshop series

Semi-Permanent & Google gave twenty creatives, irrespective of their stage of career & genre of skills, the opportunity to collaborate on a real life project, giving insights into the exciting, fast paced and meaningful projects happening at Google today.

The first workshop took place atop of Siren Studios in Hollywood with creative mentors Danny Yount, Jonathan Zawada, Nick Boes from Ignition Creative, Don Shelford / Sezay Altinok at Wieden & Kennedy, along with a crack team of Google designers.

To learn more about +20, head over to the website or check out the videos.

Watch Sydney +20 Workshop

Watch Los Angeles +20 Workshop


About Google+

Google+ let's you connect with people in your circles and the wider community through a variety of different features. Hangout is a feature of Google+ where you can video chat for free with up to nine friends at the same time. Share the latest news and see everyone’s reactions face-to-face. Play games, get work done, or even watch clips online together.

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Somesthetic Transfer

The first series of somesthetic transfers that use machine learning to take both the style and texture of an artwork and apply it to another image to be printed in 3D.


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