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Kirin Cider x Semi-Permanent 2014

To integrate seamlessly into the Semi-Permanent experience, our Kirin collaboration took on multiple forms.

As the foundation, we developed an experience for 3 lucky people to share a ‘cheeky drink with a speaker’. A promotion that ran in the lead up to the event, and during. International cult followed photographer Cheryl Dunn, Sydney filmmaker Ben Briand and creative directors Toby and Pete were our guest hosts. Of the questions asked we selected  3 worthy winners, who were ushered into the VIP room at the end of each day to have a good chat and be inspired.

Kirin’s Bit.Fall installation was also given centre stage in the Carriageworks foyer for the duration of the event. Mesmerising attendees, artists and VIPs the installation was positioned directly in front of the entry. Messages about Kirin and Semi-Permanent dropped from the sky, whilst the audience had a chance to live tweet comments. To ensure everyone had the chance to taste Kirin Cider and Kirin Beer, we put it on tap for the duration of the event, focused around the opening and closing parties. Complete cut through to the audience with the Kirin brand and the branding of the bar and staff


About Kirin Cider

There's A New Cider In Town.... Kirin Cider, Fuji Apple, Fuji Apple & Mikan, Fuji Apple & Umè, Fuji Apple & Ginger.

Kirin Cider is committed to being a responsible community host, and the responsible promotion and consumption of alcohol. Kirin Cider is a contributor to DrinkWise Australia, an independent, not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting change towards a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia.

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