Semi Permanent is proud to partner with Lexus in 2017 to celebrate and showcase stories of truly great and brave design. Culminating in the Hidden Artistry exhibition taking place at Carriageworks over Semi Permanent Sydney 2017, we're excited to be working alongside a partner who is completely committed to the design of the highest calibre.

Hidden Artistry

A tradition of beautiful, thoughtful design is deeply embedded in Japanese culture. To a true master craftsman or Takumi, every detail of a design matters, even if the eventual owner won’t notice or truly appreciate it. The Takumi at Lexus brings this philosophy to the world of supercars. The LC 500 is a product of their obsession with detail. Semi Permanent was inspired by this design thinking, so we invited a series of artists to create work that embodies different elements of hidden artistry in the LC. Walk through the space to discover the pieces of hidden artistry for yourself. Lexus is a proud supporter of emerging talent in different creative fields

Semi Permanent Sydney 2017, May 25 - 28

Sydney 2017

A festival of talks, exhibitions, installations, innovations labs, workshops, parties and networking opportunities - May 25 - 27

Hidden Artistry – Exhibition

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